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Merino Wool

Merino – the world’s finest wool – is a unique fibre which looks, feels and wears like no other. It boasts a superior range of natural qualities that extend far beyond its seductive softness next to the skin. 

  • benefits from natural breathability
  • keeps you warm in winter, yet cool in summer
  • drapes beautifully and resists creasing
  • shrugs off stains and keeps its colour when washed
  • benefits from natural anti-static and anti-odour properties.

And while synthetic fibres are manufactured from non-renewable oil, Merino is an entirely renewable natural resource – it’s not only soft against the skin but also gentle on the planet



The mercerisation process for Merino wool is a chemical-based process normally applied to wool top or scoured loose wool before yarn spinning.

The technology

The mercerisation of wool involves the removal of the scale structure from the surface of the wool fibre which creates a smoother fibre surface, the effect of which is to increase the sheen. The second part of the process involves the application of a very fine layer of silicone polymer which is grafted permanently onto the fibres’ surface.

The application of the silicone polymer brings about significant improvement in the hand feel.

Although as a result of the treatment, the actual diameter (micron) of the fibre does not change, the perceived improvement in hand feel is the equivalent of using wool 2 – 3 microns finer.

The features

  • Improved hand-feel for worsted-spun and woollen-spun knitwear.
  • Brighter shades.
  • Machine-washable.
  • More compatible for blending with noble fibres.
  • Improved drape/fluidity.
  • Improved comfort especially in next to skin products.

Starting to become established in the area of coatings and accessories.